Generate More Leads

Top search results will always be dominated by those who have paid to show up first. By investing in Google Ads, your Real Estate website will rank higher than the competition and end up with more traffic.

Whether searching for your name, specific communities, subdivisions, etc., Google Ads also targets searchers already interested in what you offer, driving qualified leads.

Boost Brand Recognition

Your campaigns will introduce home buyers and sellers to your specific brand. Even if they don’t become a client immediately, they may come back later.

This is where “Remarketing” comes in. After someone visits your site, remarketing efforts will keep your brand top of mind as they browse the internet.

Optimize Ad Spend

A poorly run campaign can lead to poor return on investment. Paying for clicks from people who aren’t your target audience wastes money.

Our team will apply our expertise, tools, and technology to virtually eliminate wasted clicks, and save you money!

Save Time

A successful Google Ads campaign requires correct keywords, ad-copy, compelling calls-to-action, ad extensions, etc. Plus, you must track your analytics to make sure your campaign is effective.

Unless these tasks are something you’re good at, it’s best to have experts do it for you.

Convert More Traffic

With targeted content and no distractions, you can optimize your AdWords traffic and increase conversion rates. By matching neighborhood ads with corresponding landing pages, you’ll provide one-click access to the most popular areas and property types you service!

5 IDX powered landing pages are included with our Google Ads Management setup.

$299 Setup. Starting At $99/mo.

SEM management pricing is based on your monthly ad spend with Google Ads.

Up To $250
Plus $299.99 Setup
Plus $299.99 Setup
Plus $299.99 Setup

For monthly ad spend budgets over $1000, a custom quote can be provided.

Reach out to discuss the best ad spend budget for your real estate business.

1-800-421-9645 Request Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

When done correctly, Google Ads works well for nearly any agent or broker looking to drive targeted traffic to their website and increase qualified leads. It is especially effective if you syndicate your listings. While syndication offers increased visibility, ideally your website should appear before Zillow or Trulia when searching for your own listings.

Do I need to have a TurnKey website?

A TurnKey website is required to use our SEM management services. Having all SEM clients on TurnKey websites gives us the control needed to maximize the return on an ad spend investment.

How much do I need to budget for my advertising/click spend?

Most customers typically start out with a daily budget of $10, but our team will make a recommendation for your starting budget. We will also recommend increases or decreases in budget over time that will improve performance.

How does it work? What can I expect?

Once you sign up, our team will have a brief onboarding discussion with you to go over the process and confirm details with respect to budget, targeting, ad copy, keywords etc. We will also gain access to your Google Ads account if you already have one, and answer any questions.

Our team will then create or update your Google Ads account, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ad copy, ad extensions, targeting options, etc. We will also update your analytics and conversion tracking; or, if you’re using syndication we will walk you through any needed steps.

Once the campaign is live, we will then provide regular reporting and make occasional budget recommendations based on performance.

What if I already have an Google Ads campaign or Account?

No problem! Our team will walk you through a simple procedure to grant us access to your account (do not share your username/password with anyone).

What if I tried Google Ads before and it didn't work?

Give our team a shot at it. Google Ads is incredibly challenging. It takes a specialist that is knowledgeable about best practices and has experience in setting up and managing campaigns for results. The Agent Evolution team has over 10 years of experience managing Google Ads campaigns for clients with ad spends varying from $300/month up to over $2 million/month.

Can I tell if your Google Ads campaign is driving qualified leads?

Yes. Our team will set up your analytics & Google Ads conversion tracking so that you can see how many qualified leads Google Ads is driving compared to other marketing channels.

How do I get started?

Just let us know you’d like to get started via chat or emailing [email protected]