Building Your Site

How long does an installation take to complete?

Once we receive your website brief and MLS approval, your website will be complete within 3 business days.

What if I already have a WordPress website?

We will use the built in WordPress import/export feature to transfer your content. From there, you will simply need to organize the content for your new theme.

Can a multi-site installation of WordPress be used for TurnKey sites?

Due to the complexities of configuring a multi-site environment, TurnKey sites are only offered on standard, single-site installations of WordPress.

Will you customize a child theme with the TurnKey package?

While we have been known to make minor CSS tweaks for clients, we don’t offer any customization services. By selecting the proper theme for your needs and use of the TK Designer, custom needs shouldn’t arise.

What will my finished website look like?

TurnKey sites match the demo site for the chosen child theme. This includes the widget configuration. We will, however, upload your logo and set the theme colors to match your logo.

Once complete, the client can modify the widgets, pages, etc. to fit their specific needs.

What if my domain name is already in use with my existing website?

We can install your new site on a temporary URL to allow you an environment to get your new website ready to launch. Once you are ready to launch, we will point your domain to the new website.

What Is Included?

Is email service included?

Email service isn’t provided with a TurnKey website, because we feel a dedicated business provider is needed. Because of this, we recommend our clients use Google G Suite as their email provider.

We offer Google G Suite setup for our TurnKey subscribers as a premium add-on. You, then, pay Google directly for the service.

Is a domain name included?

We don’t provide domain names. That is something that should be purchased separately. We will, however, point your domain to your TurnKey site. We will also create the CNAME record to mask your IDX search pages. This gives you extra credit with search engines.

Do I need to purchase the Equity framework?

A single use copy of Equity comes with each TurnKey website for the life of the subscription.

Can I take my website if I choose to leave TurnKey?

Yes, you can keep your website if you cancel your TurnKey subscription any time after the beginning of the first billing cycle.

We will gladly move your website to an individual Flywheel hosting account. From there, you can continue with Flywheel hosting or migrate the site to the host of your choosing.

If you have had your TurnKey website for more than 6 months from the trial period, site migration is free. For websites cancelled within the first 6 months, there is a one-time $200.00 migration fee.

A retail copy of the Equity framework will need to be purchased to receive future software updates. IDX Broker’s $99.99 retail set-up fee will also apply.

The TurnKey admin panel and TK Designer are exclusive to TurnKey and will be removed prior to migrating the website. This means that pages built using TK Designer will need to be reconstructed.


What determines the monthly cost?

Monthly cost varies depending on your MLS, if you use multiple MLS feeds and if you need a team or office account. For exact monthly costs, please contact our sales team at 1.800.421.9645.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes, we offer a 30-day free trial of TurnKey websites*. That 30 day trial period begins at the time of order.

Credit card information is collected at the time of order, but no charges are inquired until the 31st day. On that 31st day, the $299.99 setup and following month’s subscription fees will be charged.

Cancel by email at least 1 business day prior to the end of the trial period to avoid any charges.

*Add-on services are not included in the free trial offer.

Do you offer refunds?

We don’t offer refunds. However, there is a 30-day free trial with TurnKey website orders* that should remove the need for any refunds.

*Add-on purchases are not included in the free trial offer.

I purchased one of your child themes, but now would like a TurnKey site instead. Can I get a credit towards a TurnKey site?

Yes, we will provide a credit for your Equity theme purchase in the way of a discount code. Please contact us to receive a discount code. Be sure to provide your order number for quicker assistance.

Are there any contracts?

No, subscriptions are month-by-month. You can cancel at any time. Simply email support at least 5 business days before your monthly renewal to cancel.

Using Your Site

How do I receive support?

TurnKey subscribers receive an exclusive level of support. Subscribers can request support through either live chat during regular business hours or via email.

Our AE Learning Center offers video courses on using WordPress, the Equity framework, Equity child themes and IDX Broker.

Are there any plugins that I can't add to my TurnKey website?

We’ve identified several plugins proven to either degrade site performance or duplicate functionality already in TurnKey. These plugins are not allowed on TurnKey website.

Visit our Disallowed Plugins page for a full list of plugins that can’t be installed on a TurnKey website.

Is there hosting admin access?

To maintain the highest quality of website, hosting admin and FTP access is not provided.

Server configuration, backups and restores are all done for you by our staff, so host admin access shouldn’t be an issue.

Can I add my own theme?

TurnKey is all about providing you with the best overall website experience. The addition of a 3rd party theme may degrade this experience. Because of this, we don’t allow outside themes to be installed. We do have 7 beautiful themes that will be pre-loaded on your site to switch themes as you please.

Can I use the Equity framework and themes included with my site on additional websites?

The software provided with a TurnKey site are for use on that site only. Should you want to build a site with our themes/framework on your own, you will need to purchase retail versions from our online store.