MLS Home Search

Each website includes IDX Broker Platinum. This industry leading MLS home search tool will surely become a major source of new clients for your real estate business.

Beautiful Designs

With access to all of our current and future WordPress real estate themes, you can always keep your site looking fresh and up-to-date.

We’ll get you started by configuring your choice of theme to match the demo site. From there, use the TK Designer drag-and-drop editor to personalize your website.

Lead Generation

Entice site visitors to get homes by email or save a search. Offer a buyer guide or community guide.

TurnKey sites include the tools needed to convert visitors into leads.

Listing Showcase

Make your site’s listing pages look like single property websites.

Import your listings from the MLS and choose any of 5 listing templates. The end result is a presentation that the homeowner and potential buyers will love.

Search Engine Optimization

Even the best SEO efforts can be hindered by a poor website.

With search engine friendly components like WordPress and IDX Broker home search, our REALTOR® websites were built to rank well on Google.

We’ve recently added SSL to all TurnKey websites. This gives added SEO to your site, including MLS listing pages.

Premium Support

Live chat with our support team during business hours for immediate assistance with basic questions.

For more advanced needs, email our support team to get a fast and thorough resolution.

To get you started off on the right foot, our team will schedule a personalized walk through of your new website.

High Performance

Your TurnKey subscription includes premium managed hosting and site maintenance for a fast and reliable real estate website.

Sites are kept safe and secure through daily backups, malware scanning, and hacking attempt blocking.

Blazing fast servers, an advanced caching system, a content delivery network (CDN), and WordPress software updates make for quick loading web pages.


Plus $299.99 Setup
WordPress Site?
IDX Home Search?
Mobile Optimized?
Beautiful Designs?
Listing Showcase?
Community Pages?
Premium Support?
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Website + CRM
Plus $299.99 Setup
WordPress Site?
IDX Home Search?
Mobile Optimized?
Beautiful Designs?
Listing Showcase?
Community Pages?
Premium Support?
Client & Lead Manager?
Drip Campaigns?
3rd Party Lead Importer?
Email & Text Scheduler?
Video Messaging?
Property Manager?
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*Monthly pricing varies based on MLS fees, number of users, and optional add-ons.

Best service. Second to none.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my website to be delivered?

Once we receive your website brief and MLS approval, your website will be complete within 3 business days.

I already have a WordPress website. Can my content be transferred to the website?

We will use the built in WordPress import/export feature to transfer your content. From there, you will simply need to organize the content for your new website’s layout.

Does Agent Evolution offer custom web design services?

While we have been known to make minor CSS tweaks for clients, we don’t offer any customization services. By selecting the proper theme for your needs and use of the TK Designer, custom needs shouldn’t arise.

What will the website delivered to me look like?

Websites match the demo site for the theme you choose. This includes the widget configuration. We will upload your logo and set the theme colors to provide a more personalized look.

Once the website is delivered, you can modify the widgets, pages, etc. to fit your specific needs.

What if my domain name is being used for my existing website?

We can install your new site on a temporary URL to give you time to get your new website ready to launch. Once you are ready, we will point your domain to the new website.

Is email service included?

Instead of offering email services, we recommend that clients get a Google G Suite account. This provides business-class email services that you can rely on.

As part of the standard website setup, we will configure your domain for your Google account.

Should you want a more elaborate setup, consider our Google G Suite add-on.

Is a domain name included?

A domain name is an asset to your real estate business. It is something that should be purchased from a dedicated domain name registrar (i.e.,

Once you have a domain name, we will manage it for you by pointing the URL to your TurnKey website, IDX search pages, and chosen email provider.

What happens to my website should I decide to cancel?

After the first full billing cycle, the website is yours to keep.

We will gladly move your website to an individual Flywheel hosting account. From there, you can continue with Flywheel hosting or migrate the site to the host of your choosing.

If you have had your website for more than 6 months from the trial period, site migration is free. For subscriptions canceled within the first 6 months, there is a one-time $200.00 migration fee.

A retail copy of the Equity framework will need to be purchased to receive future software updates. IDX Broker’s $99.99 retail set-up fee will also apply.

TK Designer is exclusive to TurnKey and will be removed prior to migrating the website. This means that pages built using TK Designer will need to be reconstructed.

What determines my monthly cost?

Monthly fees varies depending on your MLS and the number of users on your account. For exact monthly costs, please contact our sales team at 1.800.421.9645.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 30-day free trial for our websites and CRM*. The trial period begins at the time of order.

Credit card information is collected at the time of order, but no charges are inquired until the 31st day. On the 31st day, the $299.99 setup and following month’s subscription fees will be charged.

Contact support to cancel at least 1 business day prior to the end of the trial period to avoid any charges.

*Add-on and SEM services are not included in the free trial offer.

Are refunds offered?

We don’t offer refunds. However, there is a 30-day free trial with TurnKey website orders* that should remove the need for any refunds.

*Add-on and SEM purchases are not included in the free trial offer.

Are there any contracts?

No, subscriptions are month-by-month. You can cancel at any time. Simply contact support at least 2 full business days before your monthly renewal to cancel.

What are the website and subscription details?

Our Guidelines & Conditions provides all of the website and subscription specifications.