Website Specifications

TurnKey subscriptions include:

  • A WordPress website with Equity, child themes, and listing templates
  • An IDX Broker Platinum account
  • Hosting
  • Website maintenance
  • Support

The delivered website is configured to match the demo site for the chosen theme. The subscriber’s logo and color scheme can be set upon request.

TurnKey websites are single site installations of WordPress. Multi-site installations are not offered.

Themes and Equity

All current and future Agent Evolution (AE) themes and a special copy of the Equity framework are provided with a TurnKey subscription. These are solely for use on that TurnKey website and can’t be installed on another site.

TurnKey websites are delivered with Equity and the subscriber’s chosen child theme installed. Additional child themes can be uploaded free of charge at the subscriber’s request.

The addition of a 3rd party theme may degrade this experience. Because of this, we don’t allow outside themes to be installed.


Hosting services include 5GB of storage and up to 100,000 visits per month. Websites that exceed either limit are subject to outage fees.

For security and performance concerns, no hosting admin or FTP access is provided. As the Agent Evolution team handles the site installation and maintenance, this shouldn’t be an issue.


Website maintenance includes:

  • WordPress updates
  • AE installed plugin updates
  • Daily website backups
  • Backup restoration as requested
  • Equity and theme updates


TurnKey websites are delivered within 3 business days of receiving the completed design brief and MLS approval.

Migration of a subscriber’s existing WordPress website can be performed using WordPress’s built-in import/export tool. It is then up to the subscriber to organize the content in new site.

If the subscriber’s domain name is in use on an existing website, a temporary site address is provided until the subscriber is ready to launch.


While occasionally we will perform very limited, minor CSS tweaks for clients, AE doesn’t offer any customization services. By selecting the proper theme for your needs and use of the TK Designer, advanced customization needs shouldn’t arise.


Subscribers are welcome to install additional plugins to their site, with the exception of plugins on the Disallowed Plugin list.
Support is only provided for the plugins installed by Agent Evolution. Should website issues arise, plugins added by the subscriber will be deactivated as a first step in troubleshooting the problem.


TurnKey subscribers are offered support through both live chat and email. Phone support is not offered.

Support is provided Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. PST/PDT (UTC/GMT-5) and support requests are answered in the order received.

Website support includes WordPress, IDX Broker, Equity, themes, and the plugins installed by AE. Plugins and/or code added by the subscriber are not supported.

Email Service

Quality email service is a vital communication tool for the real estate professional. It should be handled by a dedicated email provider. This is why email services are not bundled into TurnKey.

Google G Suite (formerly Google Apps) is our recommended email provider. We will connect your domain to your G Suite account as part of the TurnKey setup. For a more advanced setup, we offer an add-on package to configure your team/office G Suite account.

Domain Name

A domain name is an asset to your business that should be managed by a dedicated domain registrar.

Register your domain with a company like or The AE team can configure your domain settings through one of those providers.


TurnKey subscriptions start at $99.99 a month. Additional charges may apply for MLS fees, office IDX accounts, or more than one MLS feed.

The website set-up fee and first month subscription are charged 31 days after time of purchase. The subscription automatically renews monthly on the date of purchase.


You may cancel the subscription by completing this form no less than 2 business days prior to the next monthly charge. Service will continue until the end of the current payment period.

A cancelled TurnKey website can be migrated to an individual Flywheel hosting account after the first billing cycle has begun. Migration is free for subscriptions that are more than 6 months past the trial period. For subscriptions within their first 6 billing cycles, a one-time $200.00 fee will be charged.

A retail copy of the Equity framework will need to be purchased to receive future software updates.

The TurnKey admin panel and TK Designer are exclusive to TurnKey and will be removed prior to migrating the website. This means that pages built using TK Designer will need to be reconstructed.

The IDX Broker Platinum account associated with the TurnKey subscription can be transferred to a retail IDX Broker account. At that point, payment of the IDX Broker one-fee $99.99 set-up and monthly account fees will be made directly to IDX Broker by the subscriber.


All payments must be processed on using an accepted credit card. Checks and cash are not accepted.

Free Trial

Every new TurnKey website order includes a 30-day free trial. That 30-day trial period begins at the time of order. Credit card information is collected at the time of order, but no charges are inquired until the 31st day. On that 31st day, the $299.99 setup and following month’s subscription fees will be charged.

To avoid charges, cancel by completing this form at least 2 business days prior to the end of the trial period.

The free trial offer is only valid on new TurnKey website orders. Existing subscriptions, reactivations, upgrades, and add-on purchases do not apply.


These guidelines and conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion. You agree to these terms and the Agent Evolution Terms of Service at time of purchase.