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What is Equity and do I need it?

We think so!

Equity is a WordPress framework, otherwise known as a parent theme, for real estate websites. It provides the base functionality for a child theme.

To use any of our Equity child themes, you will need Equity installed in order for them to work.

What is a theme framework?

A theme framework is a WordPress parent theme that includes all the features you would expect in a WordPress theme. The features and functions within the theme carry over to the child theme. This allows developers to create new themes rapidly and with ease as most everything needed for the new child theme is already included.

What are the system requirements to use Equity?

You’ll need to own a domain and have WordPress installed on a web host provider.

Here are the recommended system requirements:


We recommend a managed WordPress host, like WP Engine for hosting. While other hosting providers claim that they can run WordPress, we have seen a number of issues caused by an inferior hosting environment. The minimum requirement for a hosting provider is a Linux server, with PHP version 5.4 or greater, and MySQL version 5.0 or greater (LAMP server).


WordPress 4.3 or greater

If your site is running a WordPress version less than 4.3, you will need to update WordPress before installing Equity.

Is a child theme required to use Equity?

Yes, a compatible child theme is required to use the Equity framework. Our website offers numerous child theme options.

Does a child theme come with Equity?

A very basic child theme is included. This child theme has no styling and is not intended for use without customization. It’s inclusion with Equity is to provide developers with a starting point for their own Equity child themes.

Unless you are planning to code your own child theme, you should purchase one of ours.

Can I use Equity with my account?

Unfortunately, doesn’t allow themes to be uploaded. This means that you can’t use Equity on

Equity is intended for use on self-hosted websites.

Does Equity work with mobile devices?

Yes, Equity displays beautifully on mobile devices. In fact, it is specifically designed to be mobile responsive, and are designed mobile first. This means that the layout adapts to the size of the screen, no matter the type or size of the device.

Does Equity come with IDX?

Although Equity works with many IDX providers, it doesn’t come with IDX.

You will need to get that service from a company like IDX Broker.

Does Equity work with plugins?

Yes, most WordPress plugins should work with Equity. Due to the vast number of plugins available and various quality levels of those plugins, we can’t guarantee any plugin compatibility.

Should you find an issue with one of our themes and a particular plugin, please bring it to our attention. We’re happy to troubleshoot the issue to determine if anything can be done on our end to remedy the conflict.


How many websites can I create using Equity?

The consumer license allows for activation on up to 5 websites at a time.

The developer license allows for an unlimited number of activations.

This product is not intended for redistribution.

Can I use Equity to build websites for clients?

Please do. You will need to purchase the Developer license, though.

We would be proud to know that you like our themes enough to use them for your client websites.

Only you will have access to our support services, though.

This product is not intended for redistribution.

Can I upgrade from the Consumer to the Developer license?

Yes, you can upgrade your license from the My Account page.


What is the annual Equity subscription for?

The annual subscription provides software updates and access to ongoing support through the support forum. The first year of updates and support are included with the initial Equity purchase. Cancellation of the annual subscription allows you to continue to use the framework, but no updates or support are available at that point.

Will my annual subscription renew automatically?

Yes, the annual Equity subscription renews automatically on your purchase anniversary. You can cancel the subscription at any time from the My Account page on

Are free trials or refunds offered?

Due to the nature of digital downloads, they are a product that can’t be returned. Because of this, we don’t offer free trials or refunds. This is covered in more detail in our Terms of Service.

Ongoing Needs

What type of support is provided?

We provide support through our support forum for the installation, configuration and use of our themes.

Our AE Learning Center offers video courses on using WordPress, the Equity framework, Equity child themes and IDX Broker.

Will Agent Evolution customize my theme for me?

We don’t offer any customizations, but there are designers who would be happy to customize your site for you. Start with Curb Appeal and hire a designer for final tweaks. The end result is a website personalized to your needs at the lowest possible cost. Contact our sales department for a list of potential designers to hire.

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*Subscription renews automatically on the purchase anniversary. Cancel at any time.