Get Organized

To manage your real estate business and your clients more effectively, you need a central platform for your contacts, tasks, appointments, as well as your listings.

Automate Follow-up

You have more good intentions than time. By automating your follow-up touch points, you can keep in contact with your leads and clients, and track conversions with minimal effort.

Never Miss An Opportunity

Tracking various leads and communication channels can be challenging. Consolidate this information and spend less time thinking about when and who to follow up with.

Take It On The Go

Access your data from anywhere with the free iOS or Android app.

Foster Collaboration

Your team needs an efficient way to work together. Give your office an advantage by making information and assets readily available to your agents and staff.


Plus $299.99 Setup
WordPress Site?
IDX Home Search
Mobile Optimized?
Beautiful Designs?
Listing Showcase?
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Plus $299.99 Setup
WordPress Site?
IDX Home Search?
Mobile Optimized?
Beautiful Designs?
Listing Showcase?
Premium Support?
Client & Lead Manager?
Drip Campaigns?
3rd Party Lead Importer?
Email & Text Scheduler?
Video Messaging?
Property Manager?
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*Monthly pricing varies based on MLS fees, number of users, and optional add-ons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are office or team accounts available?

Multi-user accounts are possible by adding additional users at $30/mo per user.

How many contacts can I have in my CRM?

Each user account can have up to 7,500 contacts.

How many outbound email and text messages can I send a month?

Each CRM user can send 5,000 emails and 1,000 texts each month. Additional emails can be purchased for $25 for 10,000 messages. An additional 1,000 text messages can be added for $15 a month.

Do video text messages cost extra?

Video text messages can be purchased for $25 for 500, or $45 for 1,000.

Does Text 2 Sell use a local phone number?

The $24 annual fee for Text 2 Sell includes a phone number with your local area code.

What are the CRM and subscription details?

Our Guidelines & Conditions provides all of the website and subscription specifications.