Favorite Five – How to Make Informed Decisions

favorite five

Knowledge is important to make good decisions. Not only can you impress your friends in Trivial Pursuit, but knowing some subjects can save your money, your business, or even your life. You need to know how to choose good business partners and how to not get suckered by an Internet scam. I hope that this anthology of articles will help you this week so you will know how to make informed decisions.

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In middle school I learned a lot. I even had the opportunity to go on a two week field trip all over the Pacific Northwest. While exploring the high desert of eastern Oregon, there was a collective shriek from a group of girls. I walked over and discovered that they were surrounding what appeared to be a rattlesnake. Being a middle school boy in the presence of scared girls, I walked over and picked up the snake behind his head so that he couldn’t bite me.

How to Make Informed Decisions

When I took the snake over to the teacher, he informed me that it was a Bull snake, which looks nearly identical to a rattler and even shakes it’s tail in dry leaves to make the distinctive sound. The main difference is that the Bull snake is harmless, lacking the deadly bite of the rattlesnake. Do you know what you need to know to avoid disaster? Can you spot the difference between a good deal and one that will bite you?

I hope that these articles help you and that your business grows by the knowledge that you continue to gain. If I’m missing some crucial articles, please share more posts on Twitter.

Favorite Five – Don’t Dry Out

Reading List

In the heat one needs to stay hydrated. This means much more than just drinking water. You also need salt and nutrients to keep your body going. Keep your real estate business going on more than just a finger on the pulse of the market and a quick smile. Read these articles to have a healthy knowledge so that you don’t dry out.

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While camping and hiking this last weekend I became severely dehydrated. Fortunately a nurse was on hand to ensure that I recovered. My water intake for the day was adequate, but I didn’t eat enough other nutrients to replace those that were sweating out of my system. As with most things in life, we need a balance. I hope that the balance of content in these reading lists keep you well hydrated and also yearning for more. As always, if you want to add to our list, just share more posts with us on Twitter.

Favorite Five – Making a List

reading list

I’m a fretter and I need lists to check off to make sure that I’m on track. Prepare for the next event by making a list. It is a convenient way to make sure that you get everything that you need. Read this list of great posts and check one more thing off your to-do list this week.

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I’m taking a group of Boy Scouts camping this weekend and there is so much to pack. Fortunately there are lists for everything. Lists for drivers, packing lists for scouts, lists for meals. I think that we even have a list of scouts to ensure that we come back with most of them. Every check on the list is one less thing that I have to worry about.

I hope that you can check this reading list off your things to do and then enjoy your weekend. As always, if you want to add to our list, just share more posts with us on Twitter. Now if I could just find the list of things I was supposed to write.

Favorite Five – Making Good Choices

make good choices

Bad advice and ideas abound on the Internet. We want to combat this. Here are some articles that we’ve found that have good content for you to read. You don’t have to wade through all of the bad ideas out there. Enjoy these articles that we’ve pulled out and continue making good choices.

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3 Google search tools that make you the neighborhood expert | Inman

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In order to prevent you from sorting through so much bad content, we’ve collected some actual good ideas here in this reading list. Enjoy these and don’t be caught unaware.

This shouldn’t prevent you from sending us some more good ideas. Share more posts with us on Twitter.

Favorite Five – Fashionable Website Posts

fashionable website posts

When I shop, I usually want a list so that I can get in and out of the store as efficiently as possible. No digging through the racks necessary here. Read these fashionable website posts that we’ve set aside for you.

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27 Awesome Ways of Repurposing Content | cognitiveseo

How to Earn Your Featured Snippets | SEMrush

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Fashionable Website Posts

A friend of mine was getting ready to take some photos with her fiance’. This required a shopping trip – something less than exciting for many men. Fortunately, she made it easy on him by going early to pick out her outfit and coordinating color scheme. When she was set, she called him to come and finish the paired ensemble. Thanks to her planning, he had more time to spend outside the mall. I strive to do the same for you. I have chosen the theme and some fashionable website posts already. Now you just have to look them over and pick out your favorites to read.

Of course, these aren’t the only blog posts in style. What do you see trending? Share it with us on Twitter. It might be just the article that fits perfectly.

Favorite Five – Posts to Help You Be Prepared

be prepared reading list

You never know when you might be asked an important question that needs an answer. Instead of scrambling, be prepared by reading as much about your industry as you can. Read these articles to prepare yourself for the next week.

Calls to Action: 5 Tips to Make Them Better | Business 2 Community

Link building Hacks: Turning Your Website Into A Resource Hotspot | Getresponse

5 Best SEO Tools That Will Skyrocket Your Rankings | 99 Signals

How to Discover Whether Your Audience Is Bored with Your Content | Quicksprout

What To Expect In WordPress 4.6 | Torque

Always Be Prepared

This last week, at the end of a meeting, the leader of the group came up to me and asked if I was going to be there the next week. I thought it a bit curious, but assured him that I was planning to attend. At this point, he perked up and said, “Oh good, so what are you speaking on?” Fortunately I was prepared and shot off a plausible topic to present. The point is that I was prepared. I had read enough to have something up my sleeve. Read these articles and never be caught off-guard.

Also, I’d love to learn about other posts that you might come across. Don’t be quiet and keep them to yourself. Share it with us on Twitter. It might be an article that I need to answer someone else’s questions.

Favorite Five – Articles to Keep the Excitement of Learning

favorite five

Young kids love discovering the world around them. Organic learning is exciting and new. Don’t lose that zest for new information! Read these articles to keep the excitement of learning.

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The perfect local SEO landing page | Search Engine Land

7 SEO Copywriting Tips To Take Your Copy From Zero to Hero | SEMrush

3 common mistakes made in do-it-yourself PPC | Search Engine Land

4 Essential Techniques for Improving WordPress Performance | Host Review

Keep the Excitement of Learning

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time with my extended family. My second cousin is five and I was told that he was very quiet and wouldn’t speak to anyone. Though, on our way back from the playground, I couldn’t get him to stop talking. It was exciting for him to see the nature around him. Every rock and feather were clues to some great mystery that we were solving. He was learning about the world around him, playing a game, and having fun. It’s a shame that we too often turn learning into a chore and lose the wonder of discovery. I hope that you can read these articles with a fraction of the joy that I found in this grade-schooler.

Also, I’d love to learn about other posts that you might come across. Don’t be quiet and keep them to yourself. Share it with us on Twitter. It might just be another clue to that mystery of reaching our target clients.

Favorite Five – Articles to Catch Up On

favorite five

It’s almost the weekend again, but before you get out the sunscreen and flipflops, check out this reading list. We’ve compiled a list of some great articles to catch up on. Check these out and be ready for the coming week.

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Making your content perform beyond just SEO | Search Engine Land

Google Keyword Planner Estimates Are Based On Ads Not Organic Search | Search Engine Roundtable

Imitating search algorithms for a successful link building strategy | Search Engine Watch

Now get out there, relax and take a well deserved break. Just don’t be gone too long. Come on back next week for a whole new list of articles. If you find some great content, please share it with us on Twitter.

Favorite Five – List to Read Over the Weekend

weekly reading list

As is our tradition, we’ve compiled a list of the best real estate technology related articles for the week. If you’re looking for a quick recap for some of the tips and tricks written this week, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a great list to read over the weekend.

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Stop Making These 6 Content Marketing Mistakes | Inc

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The “meta” content formatting cheat sheet guide | Marketing Land

We can’t bear to break with tradition. Come on back next week for a whole new list of great articles. If you find some great content, please share it with us on Twitter.

Favorite Five – Blog Posts You Need to Read

Blog Posts You Need to Read

Here at Agent Evolution we are on a continual quest for the best. We seek the best employees, the best solutions, and the best blog posts to keep us in the know. Fortunately we aren’t stingy, (at least with the blog posts). Here is what we found this week, our favorite five articles and…

Blog Posts You Need to Read

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The Anatomy of a Search-Friendly URL | HubSpot

8 Quick Ways to Improve the UX of the WordPress Dashboard | wpmudev

Why Google Should Not Be Your Only SEO Strategy | Stone Temple Consulting

That’s where our quest took us this week. Come on back next week for a whole new list of great articles. If you find some great content, please share it with us on Twitter.