Best Tips for Using Hyphens or Underscores

hyphen or underscore

Hyphens (-) and underscores (_) are seemingly insignificant characters. On the web, they do have differences that deserve a notice. This article will demonstrate to you the differences and which one to use in specific circumstances. Don’t be ignorant or confused any longer when using hyphens or underscores.   What is the difference? Most of us […]

4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Purchasing a Real Estate Theme

Picking out a theme to represent your business online is a difficult task. You need something that fits your unique style and is easy for visitors to find what they seek. Before you spend hours and possibly a lot of money on your website, prepare yourself. Here are some pitfalls to avoid when purchasing a […]

Why Should I Have a Website and 10 Steps to Get One

Why should I have a website? The Internet is a very large place with billions of businesses scattered all over. Much like a pioneer settling a town, you want to be a web settler. Carve out your own little piece of land and set up shop. Let this short guide show you how a website […]

4 Plugins For Adding Photos To Your WordPress Website

The use of photographs on your WordPress website is crucial to it’s success. Web pages and blog posts with images are more eye-catching and easier to read. Those with featured images set will also receive more traffic when shared on social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Finding the perfect image can be a difficult […]

Web Hosting Is Like Car Insurance

Hosting is like car insurance? What? Really? Much like car insurance, when people shop for web hosting they focus too much on price. They choose a very economical provider and have no problem with it. That is, until something goes wrong. You usually don’t know if you have poor insurance coverage until you have an accident. In […]