We’re sorry to see you go and would like to thank you for using our TurnKey solution. We’ll be sure to process your cancellation request right away. We’d love to know why you’re leaving so we can work on improving our service moving forward.

  • URL of your TurnKey website.
    NOTE: If you opt to keep your IDX Broker account, the $100.00 setup fee for IDX Broker will be added to your next billing cycle. The setup fee was waived as part of your Turnkey order.
    NOTE: If you opt to keep your LionDesk account, LionDesk will take over billing for that service.
  • Choosing to cancel your account means that we will take down your website and store it for up to 90 days. The site can be reinstated at anytime during that period.

    At the end of 90 days your website will be deleted.