Get Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles now with your TurnKey site

Since the release of TurnKey 2.0 just over a month ago, we’ve been steadily working on new features and functionality for TurnKey sites. In our latest 2.1 update, we’ve added support for some of the most talked about recent developments of the mobile web: Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles. Google AMP One of the […]

IDX Styler Plugin Updated for Curb Appeal Evolved

With a new theme, comes a new update for our IDX Styler plugin. Following the release of the new Curb Appeal Evolved theme, we’ve released an update for our free IDX Styler plugin to version 1.3. For those unfamiliar with the IDX Styler plugin, it adds additional CSS styles to your theme, based on your […]

Agent Evolution Themes Updated for WP Listings


Moving forward with our commitment to the fantastically versatile WP Listings plugin, as of today, we’ve updated all our themes to date making them fully compatible with WP Listings out-of-the-box. What does “fully compatible” mean? In the theme updates, making them “fully compatible” means that if you’re using the WP Listings plugin, your theme will […]

How to switch to WP Listings from AgentPress Listings

WordPress property listings management made easy

We’ve used AgentPress to display listings on agent websites for years, but it’s not without it’s shortcomings, so we created the WP Listings plugin to add the features we were looking for. In doing so, it was imperative that we make it easy to switch from using AgentPress Listings to the WP Listings plugin without […] microdata in Genesis Agent Profiles plugin logo

Another week and another update for the Genesis Agent Profiles plugin! As of Genesis 2.0, StudioPress included microdata markup for most site elements including header, navigation, blog content, and sidebar content, among others. We’re extending the microdata already in your Genesis site by adding it to the elements in this plugin: Agent Profiles and […]

Genesis Agent Profiles Plugin Updated to Version 1.1

We released the Genesis Agent Profiles plugin just over 6 months ago with the aim of allowing site owners to create a directory of agents within their team. Since then, we’ve had over 1,800 downloads and have received a ton of positive feedback, as well as numerous feature requests. One of those feature requests included […]