Real Estate Tech to Xplode in Chicago

xplode in chicago

Want the latest real estate technology news? Looking for practical tips to make your life easier while taking your sales to the next level? If you said yes, join us in Chicago for the upcoming Xplode conference.

A fresh breeze is blowing through the windy city. West coast tech meets mid-west hard-work when Xplode comes to Chicago next week. We’re not messing around; we mean business. Specifically, the business of Real Estate. Bryson Womack is representing Agent Evolution as he brings his knowledge and experience to the Xplode conference.

Meet Bryson

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You may have already met Bryson, Director of Sales for the IDX companies. He’s a familiar face at real estate conferences around the country. If you haven’t already, come by and introduce yourself.

Bryson has a passion for sharing information about the latest technology in the industry to help you grow your business. This is one reason that he will be speaking at Xplode. Relationships matter, so start building one with the premiere name in real estate web technology.

Xplode in Chicago

The Xplode conference series brings real estate professionals together for a full day of presentations, tips, and learning from industry professionals. Xplode is all about getting the latest information in real estate tech without the sales pitch. Get ready for talks from experts in technology that can give you the edge you need.

Gain in-depth knowledge about the state of technology in your industry, and how to push your business to the next level.

Join us at the Xplode show in Chicago on November 14th, 8am – 4pm.

Get a New TurnKey 2.0 Website for Real Estate


Busy real estate agents have no time to build a website or babysit that site once it is up and running. Get your site working for you 24/7/365 while you spend your valuable time doing what you do best…selling real estate. Agent Evolution knows what you need to run a real estate business without all the unnecessary technical battles. With that in mind, we’ve created the next stage in real estate website packages – TurnKey 2.0.


Sign up now for a new TurnKey website and see the following benefits:

A simplified dashboard

WordPress is great. It powers a large part of the Internet for everything from financial websites to summer camps. One reason that we’ve chosen to build on WordPress is because of the inherit open nature of the framework. But when it comes to bringing your real estate website to the light of day, you don’t need to see all the options that a designer might need for a waffle house or pet salon. We simplified your workflow by taking the WordPress dashboard and redesigning it for real estate needs. Everything you need to manage your site on a day to day basis is front and center when you sign in. Log in and immediately get to work without all the clutter.

Easy drag and drop page creation

drag n dropMake your site unique without hours of work or hiring a full time designer. With the new TK designer, build pages with drag and drop simplicity. Add widgets or forms placed exactly as you’d like without guesswork or confusion.

Managed hosting with hands off updates

Having a site with outdated plugins and themes is not only a hassle, but it can be dangerous. Security updates not applied can cripple a website. Now you don’t have to worry about which plugins to update and whether or not these will work with your existing site features. Agent Evolution will take care of the hosting and regular updates necessary to keep your site current, up-to-date, and safe.

Powered by IDX Broker

When it comes right down to it, a beautiful website does little good if it doesn’t bring results. Show your potential buyers the information that they need to make an informed decision and choose the perfect property. IDX Broker takes care of updating this information on a regular basis so that you don’t have to constantly add new properties to your site manually.


Take your business to the next stage now at

Meet Agent Evolution at NAR – Save Money Now

nar 2016

It’s already time for the 2016 REALTORS® Conference & Expo. It seems like just yesterday we were recovering from last year’s festivities in San Diego. Now we have a crew on their way across the country to Orlando. This year we shifted gears to focus on Agent Evolution, bringing you a complete real estate website with IDX included.

tkdesignerheroOur new real estate targeted website package, TurnKey 2.0 launched just in time for NAR and we are excited to show you what’s included. We’ve rethought and designed the entire experience with real estate agents in mind. We know that you don’t have time to hunt and peck while learning how to manage your website. We’ve simplified the interface with only the important features for your everyday use front and center in your WordPress dashboard. There is also a brand new drag and drop designer that allows you to customize your webpages.

Of course, we could never show up to Orlando empty handed. Visit us at booth #685 during the NAR 2016 conference to sign up for TurnKey and waive your set-up fee. That’s a savings of $299.99! Even if you can’t make it to Orlando, we still have you covered. Sign up off-site during the NAR conference for $100 off our TurnKey package. Just shop here and use the promo code nar100 at checkout to save.

We are excited about all that will be going on in Orlando this week and we hope to see you at the booth. Not only will you get a chance to meet some of the most friendly guys in the business, but you could also save a lot of money on a fabulous new website.

Make sure you stop by the all new Agent Evolution booth #685 at the Orlando Convention Center November 4th-7th. See for yourself why we’re the very best in WordPress for real estate.

Beginners Guide to Jetpack Part 2

guide to jetpack

Keeping your site’s design clean, polished, and well maintained means quicker load speeds and happier visitors. Join Agent Evolution’s VP of Operations, Chad Johnson, as he covers the best tips for using the powerful, free Jetpack plugin for WordPress. Catch up on the beginners guide to Jetpack, part 2.

Don’t Miss the Beginners Guide to Jetpack Part 2

In case you missed out on our live webinar with Chad, you can catch up right here. Watch our latest webinar video and get answers to some of your most pressing questions. Don’t miss out on another one, sign up now to experience our next live webinar.

Beginners Guide to Jetpack Part 1


Keeping your site’s design clean, polished, and well maintained means quicker load speeds and happier visitors. Join Agent Evolution’s VP of Operations, Chad Johnson, as he covers the best tips for using the powerful, free Jetpack plugin for WordPress. Catch up on the beginners guide to Jetpack, part 1.

Don’t Miss the Beginners Guide to Jetpack Part 1

In case you missed out on our live webinar with Chad, you can catch up right here. Watch our latest webinar video and get answers to some of your most pressing questions. Don’t miss out on another one, sign up now to experience our next live webinar.

Favorite Five – How to Make Informed Decisions

favorite five

Knowledge is important to make good decisions. Not only can you impress your friends in Trivial Pursuit, but knowing some subjects can save your money, your business, or even your life. You need to know how to choose good business partners and how to not get suckered by an Internet scam. I hope that this anthology of articles will help you this week so you will know how to make informed decisions.

Sucuri vs CloudFlare (Pros and Cons) | WP Beginner

20 Content Marketing Resources to Bookmark ASAP | Mention

How to Give and Get Exceptional Testimonials | Copyblogger

6 SEO Copywriting Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Credibility | Business 2 Community

10 Common WordPress Mistakes To Avoid | Nathan Ello

In middle school I learned a lot. I even had the opportunity to go on a two week field trip all over the Pacific Northwest. While exploring the high desert of eastern Oregon, there was a collective shriek from a group of girls. I walked over and discovered that they were surrounding what appeared to be a rattlesnake. Being a middle school boy in the presence of scared girls, I walked over and picked up the snake behind his head so that he couldn’t bite me.

How to Make Informed Decisions

When I took the snake over to the teacher, he informed me that it was a Bull snake, which looks nearly identical to a rattler and even shakes it’s tail in dry leaves to make the distinctive sound. The main difference is that the Bull snake is harmless, lacking the deadly bite of the rattlesnake. Do you know what you need to know to avoid disaster? Can you spot the difference between a good deal and one that will bite you?

I hope that these articles help you and that your business grows by the knowledge that you continue to gain. If I’m missing some crucial articles, please share more posts on Twitter.

The Latest WordPress 4.6 Update and How to Get it

WordPress 4.6 Update

There is a reason that WordPress powers so much of the Internet. They are never content with the status quo. The WordPress 4.6 update has arrived and with it there are many improvements, and a couple of things to look out for. Read up on what to expect and watch a tutorial from our technical support on how to get the latest updates for both WordPress and Equity.

There are many under the hood updates for the latest iteration of WordPress, but here are a couple of important updates to look at.

System Fonts

Instead of loading up extra font files and slowing down your experience, WordPress will now work with your native system fonts. This may make your dashboard look a little different depending on the operating system that you are working on, but the over all speed increase will be beneficial.

Link Validation

Say goodbye to broken links due to simple typos. In visual mode, WordPress will now automatically check to see if your added links are valid. If it cannot validate a link, the text on hover will turn red, instead of the traditional blue.

These and the other improvements made by WordPress are great, but you will need to update Equity to enjoy these updates. Here is a quick tutorial from Allen that walks you through the upgrade process.


Give Your Office Some Love with IMPress Agents

IMPress Agents Plugin

The IMPress suite of plugins by IDX Broker includes IMPress for IDX Broker, tying IDX to WordPress, IMPress Listings to create individual featured listing pages, and the IMPress Agents plugin. Quickly and easily setup roster and contact pages for everyone in your real estate office with this third plugin.

What Does it Do?

IMPress Agents

IMPress Agents provides you with a full employee directory that is ideal for real estate teams and offices. Add managers or other team members without taking up your IDX Broker office spaces. It also allows you to import agents from your IDX Broker account, so no manual entry is required.

You can also add your individual agent pages to your navigation, instead of just the main roster page available through the IMPress for IDX Broker plugin.

A custom post type is available for employees with post meta fields for contact info. Included templates display the contact info, or these can be overridden in your theme.

IMPress Agents adds taxonomies for offices and job types to show employees by location and/or job title, or additional custom terms. Display an image for an office, job title, or a custom taxonomy term.

Get the Most Out Of IMPress Agents

While you can save some time importing agent bio information from IDX Broker, the real power of this plugin comes into play when you combine it with Posts 2 Posts and IMPress Listings. The combined power of these plugins allows you to create connections and link your agents to the listings that you’ve brought in with IMPress Listings. Then you have full employee pages with IDX listings right on the bio page.

Give Your Office Some Love

Get in and give this plugin a shot. We’re sure that once you get the hang of it, you’ll love the additional functionality for your WordPress website. Your agents will surely thank you for the additional exposure that they will get to reach potential clients.

Favorite Five – Don’t Dry Out

Reading List

In the heat one needs to stay hydrated. This means much more than just drinking water. You also need salt and nutrients to keep your body going. Keep your real estate business going on more than just a finger on the pulse of the market and a quick smile. Read these articles to have a healthy knowledge so that you don’t dry out.

What’s New in WordPress 4.6 | sitepoint

The Ultimate Guide to W3 Total Cache: Introduction to Caching | wpmudev

The secret to writing awesome local content | Search Engine Land

3 Link Building Lessons For Beginners | Business 2 Community

8 “Hidden” Features Of WordPress | WP Engine

While camping and hiking this last weekend I became severely dehydrated. Fortunately a nurse was on hand to ensure that I recovered. My water intake for the day was adequate, but I didn’t eat enough other nutrients to replace those that were sweating out of my system. As with most things in life, we need a balance. I hope that the balance of content in these reading lists keep you well hydrated and also yearning for more. As always, if you want to add to our list, just share more posts with us on Twitter.