Payout Requirements

The following items are needed in order to receive commission payments.

  • A verified Paypal account with account email on file*
  • A completed W-9 or W-8BEN tax form on file*

*Send to [email protected].

Payout Structure

  • Referred TurnKey website transactions earn a one-time $200 payout.
  • Referred theme and Equity framework transactions earn a one-time payout equal to 20% of the purchase total.
  • Payouts are generated each month for valid referrals generated from 2 months prior.
  • Affiliates must accumulate at least 3 valid referrals or a $200 total payout to receive payment.

Eligible Transactions

Transaction must meet these requirements to be considered valid for payout.

  • Transactions must process successfully.
  • Refunded transactions or those cancelled through credit card chargeback are not eligible.
  • TurnKey website transactions only eligible after the trial period and the first month’s subscription has been paid.
  • Only the first transaction of a referral is awarded a payout.
  • Only transactions referred using the affiliate’s unique ID are eligible for payout.
  • Downloads of free themes, plugins, or other products are not eligible as no revenue is generated.

Unacceptable Tactics

We maintain close vigilance on each transaction and track where all sales are coming from. We highly encourage and reward affiliates that promote Agent Evolution, but do not support dishonest sales tactics.

Practices which will result in nonpayment and possible program termination include, but are not limited to:

  • Advertising coupon codes – including temporary promotional codes, expired codes, inaccurate discounts, or inaccurate payment details of any kind. All coupon promotions are created for the benefit of our customers, not our affiliates.
  • Misrepresenting or inaccurately describing Agent Evolution services, products, brand, or trademark.
  • Misleading referred users in a manner which implies the inclusion of any product, service, or experience beyond that expressly depicted on
  • Affiliates that sign up for the program and refer themselves for a discount on our products.
  • Failure to have your PayPal email address within our records in the form of an affiliate application or email notification, as we are likely to suspect fraud in this scenario.
  • Spamming or the use of fake promotions.
  • Fraudulent form leads.

If we have any reason to suspect fraud, the affiliate will not be paid and the account will be terminated.