Curb Appeal Legacy


The Curb Appeal Legacy theme is a mobile responsive design for the Genesis Framework. Drag and drop widget areas make this flexible theme a great option for all types of real estate professionals.

This theme requires the Genesis framework.

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Responsive Design

Provide an optimized mobile experience for your site visitors with responsive web design. The Curb Appeal Legacy Theme will automatically reformat itself to serve up the best user experience on whatever device it’s being viewed on: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone.

Full Theme Customization

Curb Appeal Legacy is a completely customizable child theme that works with the Genesis Framework. Design elements and colors can be modified to match your personalized or company branding.

IDX Compatibility

idxsqFor a seamless IDX integration, we have added CSS styling for IDX Broker Platinum and Lite.

Shortcodes and Widget Styling

Curb Appeal Legacy is an extremely flexible theme giving you the option to highlight your most important features and content within the design. This theme includes styling for both the WP Listings plugin widgets and dsIDXpress widgets.
See the shortcodes in action →

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Curb Appeal Legacy Questions

Curb Appeal Legacy can built to work with or without an IDX service. If you don’t have an IDX, we recommend that you install the WP Listings plugin so that you can manually enter your listings for display.

Curb Appeal Legacy and Turn Key Legacy are very similar designs.
Turn Key themes are optimized for IDX Broker Platinum. That service is needed to use any Turn Key theme.
Curb Appeal Legacy, on the other hand, can be used with nearly any IDX service or with no IDX at all.

Curb Appeal Legacy was designed to work with nearly any third-party IDX provider. Simply follow the IDX provider’s instructions on how to integrate their service into a WordPress website.

General Theme Questions

Genesis is a WordPress framework, otherwise known as a parent theme. It provides added security, search engine optimization and other features to a WordPress website.

All Agent Evolution themes are considered Genesis child themes. That means that they require Genesis to be installed in order for them to work.

If you don’t already own a copy of Genesis by StudioPress, you can buy it here.

Much like any website, you’ll need to own a domain and have WordPress with the Genesis framework installed on a web host provider.

Here are the recommended system requirements:


We recommend Hostgator or Bluehost for hosting. While other hosting providers claim that they can run WordPress, we have seen a number of issues caused by an inferior hosting environment. The minimum requirement for a hosting provider is a Linux server, with PHP version 5.2.4 or greater, and MySQL version 5.0 or greater (LAMP server).


WordPress 3.7 or greater

If your site is running a WordPress version less than 3.0, you will need to update WordPress before installing Genesis and the child theme.


Genesis 2.0 or greater

If your site is running an older version of Genesis, you will need to upgrade Genesis before activating the child theme.

There is no limit on the number of websites you can create with your theme.

This product is not intended for redistribution.

Please do. We would be proud to know that you like our themes enough to use them for your client websites.

Only you will have access to our support services, though.

This product is not intended for redistribution.

Unfortunately, doesn’t allow themes to be uploaded. This means that you can’t use our themes on

Our themes are intended for use on the websites.

Yes, our themes display beautifully on mobile devices. In fact, all of our themes are specifically designed to be mobile responsive. This means that the layout adapts to the size of the screen, no matter the type or size of the device.

We don’t offer any customizations, but our Developer Directory includes designers who would be happy to customize your site for you. Start with our install service and hire a designer for final tweaks. The end result is a website personalized to your needs at the lowest possible cost.

We provide forum and tutorial support for the installation, configuration and support of our themes.

For more general WordPress and plugin advice and instruction, check out our blog.

Although our themes work with many third-party IDX providers, they don’t come with IDX.

You will need to get that service from a company like IDX Broker.

A child theme is a kind of WordPress theme that relies upon a framework (parent theme) to operate. We build child themes for our framework, Equity, and the popular Genesis framework. The proper framework must be installed for our child themes to work.

Yes, most WordPress plugins should work with our themes. Due to the vast number of plugins available and various quality levels of those plugins, we can’t guarantee any plugin compatibility.

Should you find an issue with one of our themes and a particular plugin, please bring it to our attention. We’re happy to troubleshoot the issue to determine if anything can be done on our end to remedy the conflict.