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Get More Out Of Google Analytics

Google Analytics has got to be the best deal on the internet. At no cost, it offers incredible insight as to how visitors are using your website. Simply create an account, add a chunk of code to your site and be enlightened. At Agent Evolution, we use Google Analytics to help us make important decisions. […]

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6 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Bloggers

(1)    They set goals. They know creating and posting original content isn’t easy. So they set goals and objectives, as well as make daily to-do lists accomplish marketing tasks…and pretty much anything that needs attention in their business. (2)    They have a passion for their local market. Real estate bloggers are extremely knowledgeable about their […]

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How To Create a Landing Page with RPR Reports

If you’re not already familiar with the Realtors Property Resource, it’s time you educate yourself on this extremely useful tool for REALTORS®. After all, it’s a free member benefit! If you are familiar with RPR, then you know it’s a powerful and valuable resource that you can use to better inform your potential clients about their […]

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Better Blogging Series, Part 2: Creating Community

Is anyone out there? Or more importantly, does anyone care…specifically YOUR target audience? It can be quite frustrating when you’ve been posting consistently but still haven’t been able to attract regular commenters or engagement on your site. If you are new to blogging or recently ramped up your effort, know that it takes time. But […]