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6 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Bloggers

(1)    They set goals. They know creating and posting original content isn’t easy. So they set goals and objectives, as well as make daily to-do lists accomplish marketing tasks…and pretty much anything that needs attention in their business. (2)    They have a passion for their local market. Real estate bloggers are extremely knowledgeable about their […]

Homemade Gingerbread People
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What’s the recipe for real estate website success?

I love to bake! And with the holidays approaching, I couldn’t be more excited to whip up my apple crisp, pumpkin pie and holiday cookies! I take these treats seriously…because I love sharing them as much as I love eating them! Nothing is sweeter than seeing the delighted faces of recipients of my baked goods! […]

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Better Blogging Series, Part 1: Post Mechanics

So you wrote your post and you’re ready to publish! Wait…don’t do it! First, take a moment to make sure you have formatted it to look appealing to your readers. And optimize it for sharing in social channels like Facebook and Linkedin! Make Your Post Pretty Your new post may offer great advice and information […]

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3 WordPress Weekend Warrior Tasks to Improve Your Site

There’s nothing like weekend time to get you all excited about doing chores around the house, working in your yard…or geeking out on your WordPress site! Yeah…I thought that last one would raise your eyebrow and make you smile. Your WordPress site is your online storefront, a critical element to marketing your real estate business. […]

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4 Preventative Measures for Better WordPress Security

If you don’t want to get burned, wear sunscreen. And if you don’t want your WordPress website defenseless against hackers and other malicious activity…you better take some preventative measures. WordPress accounts for more than 17% of all websites on the Internet. So with that kind of a presence it’s no surprise that WP is often […]

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WordPress Still Dominating Top 100 Blogs

WordPress continues to dominate as the favorite blogging platform among the world’s top 100 blogs. So you know what that means… If you chose WordPress for your real estate website, you are freakin’ brilliant! The most recent study by Royal Pingdom which analyzes the data from Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs identifies WordPress as the chosen […]

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Creating Website Pages with a Purpose

What’s the goal of your real estate website? Online exposure, lead generation, client education, developing trust, leadership, changing the game, or all of the above? Whatever the goal, I’m certain you’d like to provide the information that your targets and potential clients are looking for in the most optimized way. As your business grows and […]