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Avoid An Online Blackout

You web host goes down. Your site and hundreds of others can’t be accessed. Clients who can’t reach your website try to email you. Those emails never get to you because your web host is down. All the while, that next big commission is slipping through your fingers. This seems like a nightmare, but for […]

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Get More Out Of Google Analytics

Google Analytics has got to be the best deal on the internet. At no cost, it offers incredible insight as to how visitors are using your website. Simply create an account, add a chunk of code to your site and be enlightened. At Agent Evolution, we use Google Analytics to help us make important decisions. […]

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Web Hosting Is Like Car Insurance

Hosting is like car insurance? What? Really? Much like car insurance, when people shop for web hosting they focus too much on price. They choose a very economical provider and have no problem with it. That is, until something goes wrong. You usually don’t know if you have poor insurance coverage until you have an accident. In […]

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6 Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Bloggers

(1)    They set goals. They know creating and posting original content isn’t easy. So they set goals and objectives, as well as make daily to-do lists accomplish marketing tasks…and pretty much anything that needs attention in their business. (2)    They have a passion for their local market. Real estate bloggers are extremely knowledgeable about their […]