nat-fergusonThe Story

Nat loves where he lives. And he wants anyone moving to Seal Beach to love it as much as he does! So when Nat, a 4th generation Seal Beach native and resident, decided to become a real estate agent…he also decided he was going to have to do it differently than his competition.

Rather than stick 3000 flags in the lawns of the residents, he opted for an online approach. He chose WordPress for his online hub and professional website after being frustrated by other confining website platforms. Nat wanted to be involved in his business by sharing his love of living, working, and playing in Seal Beach. To accomplish that goal, he was looking for an easy to use content management system that would give him the ability to add content and make customization tweaks of his own.

The Site

Theme: AgentPress
Framework: Genesis
Feature Highlights: IDX Home Search via IDXBroker, Seal Beach eBook, market reports, Snap Engage Live Chat, consistent content (articles, photos, video), social share controls

The Strategy

  • Live, work and play in Seal Beach
  • Be a resource for all things Seal Beach
  • Offer robust home search
  • Proactive and reactive communication
  • Differentiate from the rest!

The Success

Nat has not only achieved his goal of becoming a great resource to the Seal Beach community, but also in applying his expertise in real estate there. His site is stocked with a myriad of helpful features contributing to his conversion. Nat’s proactive communication tool (i.e. Snap Engage Live Chat) has yielded him over 30 conversations since being implemented a few months ago. His Seal Beach eBook has been a key reactive communication tool. Once downloaded, recipients receive an email campaign sent with an autoresponder (iContact & MailChimp are 2 options). Nat’s emails are all focused on “Things to do in Seal Beach”, so recipients rarely (if ever) unsubscribe to his helpful, interesting, and “non-salesy” tips.

Last but not least, Nat delivers one of the best search experiences with IDX Broker. He offers a flush integration, saved searches for easy use, and of course…a registration for “homes by email” option. Yep…Nat rocks!

Take ACTION in your Business

  • Interested in applying and adapting Nat’s strategy to your market, consider the taking the following actions…
  • Develop branding and logo that speaks to your expertise and/or location
  • Become a resource to those who also love where you live and work
  • Communicate directly and often
  • Set up an autoresponder
  • Follow your passions!

See the Nat Ferguson Website –

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