heather-eliasThe Story

Heather is a mom to 4 amazing children, a wife to an awesome husband, a blogger, a real estate professional and now Director of Social Business for the National Association of REALTORS.

She started out with a love of journalism and for homes, never realizing that both passions would launch her into a successful career as a real estate agent.

Heather first began blogging with WordPress in 2005, integrating her content, listings, market data and other helpful tools on her own. But over the years, her business grew and she outgrew her current WordPress theme and functionality. She had created a great deal of community content (articles, photos, videos, etc.) and wanted the ability to develop landing pages for these areas. It was a no-brainer that a WordPress upgrade was in order!

The Site

Theme: AgentPress
Framework: Genesis
Feature Highlights: IDX Home Search via Diverse Solutions, consistent blog content, market stats, community landing pages, social share controls

The Strategy

  • Become the unofficial tourism guide for LoCo
  • Become a resource to her sphere “How’s the market?”
  • Provide detailed community information
  • Distribute content across social channels

The Success

If you know Heather, you know she is passionate about improving the real estate industry. And if you don’t know her….just read her blog. Heather’s blogging efforts and her transparency have opened many doors for her. The visibility and credibility she generated from her WordPress site have helped her sustain a successful real estate business for 8 years. She has been asked to speak all around the country. She has met incredible people and developed valuable relationships. And just recently, Heather accepted a position at the National Association of Realtors, as their Director of Social Business Practice. She will help oversee NAR’s social media policies, strategies, and guidelines across the organization. A role, she is very much looking forward to, as well as the ability to have a broader impact in the industry. Heather’s husband, Michael Elias will be taking over her real estate business and is excited to keep LoCoMusings.com rockin’ with informative content.

Take ACTION in your Business

Interested in applying and adapting Heather’s strategy to your market, consider the taking the following actions…

  • Create a content marketing plan
  • Organize community pages to better serve your sphere
  • Don’t force it, write what you know
  • Follow your passions!

See the Heather Elias Website – http://www.locomusings.com/

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