mathesonThe Story

Don started in real estate in 1976, after graduating from the University of Hawaii. Originally from Vancouver, BC he settled with his beautiful wife (Jenny) in Scottsdale, AZ. And when you meet him you immediately know he means business. He is a genuine and knowledgeable guy, simply passionate about improving the lives of everyone he comes into contact with.

But there is nothing simple about his marketing approach…other than knowing to corner the market in Scottsdale he was going to have to go BIG! Don is not afraid to spend money to make money, but also knows how to spend smart and strategically. He assembled an all-star team and successfully built his business by being innovative online, as well as using traditional marketing offline. And his efforts have paid off BIG TIME!

Don decided to switch website platforms and choose WordPress after hearing about the benefits, particularly regarding SEO. He’s also BIG on owning his own site, as well as providing his team with platform easy enough for anyone to add content and listings to regularly.

The Site

Theme: Custom Child Theme
Framework: Genesis
Feature Highlights: IDX Home Search via Diverse Solutions, Event Calendar Pro Plugin, community landing pages, custom maps, eBook, market reports

The Strategy

  • BE Scottsdale Real Estate
  • Apply a comprehensive community approach: from online content to offline postcards
  • Drive traffic with SEO and content
  • Create a talented team to maximize efforts
  • Follow up process for online lead generation

The Success

Don has been able to double his business year after year. This year, he’s on track for 90 million in transactions. His team follows up with 400 active leads through phone calls and postcards. His site is THE online destination for learning about moving to and living in the Scottsdale area. His daily posts and community landing pages bring in targeted traffic, while his resources (relocation guides, market reports) and IDX registration are key list builders for him. Don converted 8% of his website leads last year, as compared with his leads for which he converted only 2%.

Take ACTION in your Business

Interested in applying and adapting Don’s strategy to your market, consider the taking the following actions…

  • Go BIG $$$ or go home
  • Mix online and traditional marketing efforts
  • Follow up, develop your process for scrubbing leads
  • Follow your passions!

See the Don Matheson Website –

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