Branding isn’t just about your company logo or a clever tagline.  It’s about developing trust with consumers so they see you and your service as valuable.  Most of the time we associate branding with products or services, companies, or inanimate objects.

Personality branding, on the other hand, focuses on the skills, professional expertise and characteristics of a particular individual. A real estate professional can apply personality branding to showcase his/her unique attributes to not only differentiate oneself from the competition, but also build an amazing reputation.

The real estate industry in particular, is all about personality…or so we’d like to think. But really it is. When it comes to standing out online and staying top of mind with your sphere…your personality is carrying much of the workload.

However, there comes a point when you have to deliver what you promised. So personality is key to generating business, but your competence is going to close it.

Applying Personality Branding

You don’t have to turn on a webcam and dance around your office to showcase your personality. Although, it’s worked for me.

A simple phone call can easily let your personality shine.

In this digital age, we email, tweet, post, pin, etc. Some of us are quite good at infusing social channels of communication with our personalities. Others…not so much. So pick up the phone and give your contacts a call when it’s their birthday. Instead of setting appointments via text or email…call your potential client.

But whether you phone, text or tweet…be sure your tone embodies the following 3 traits: sincerity, spirit, and success.

  • Sincerity: Do you sound honest and endearing enough to sit down at the kitchen table and chat with?
  • Spirit: Is there an inherent excitement in your voice for what you do? What do YOU do that’s creative or cutting edge?
  • Success: What level of professionalism are you exuding? Will your client feel you are reliable and competent! There is definitely an art to sounding smart without being a douche. C’mon…you know what I mean.

In Social Channels…

If you’re not taking advantage of reaching out to your sphere and targets via social media you are missing a huge opportunity to stay top of mind and generate business.

So here are a few tips for applying personality branding via social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and even your own website or blog.

(1)    Personalize your social media interactions as much as possible. When connecting with people online, send them a personalized message addressing him/her by name and why you look forward to connecting more with them in that network. I created a video I send to new twitter followers, but always connect using the person’s first name. Additionally, when I add a new contact in Linkedin or Facebook I send a message after spending a little time looking at that person’s profile in order to include something a bit personalized.

(2)    Re-write your “about” page to include your story. When was the last time you updated the about page on your website, your Linkedin or Twitter bio, and/or updated your Facebook info. If it’s been longer than a year, scrap it and start over! Be sure to add elements that showcase your 3 P’s: personality, passion and profession. What’s your story? If you fill us in on how you got to where you are we become more invested in you. We relate to you more, and that builds trust.

(3)    Be visual! Unless you are an amazing writer, photos and video can tell one heck of a story that sometimes your words just can’t. So in addition text and link updates, try to be visual at least ½ of the time. Photos and videos illustrate what you are trying to share, and often provide a greater emotional response.

(4)    Don’t be so contrived. Whether it’s a post on your blog or in Facebook, we don’t want to be sold to and we don’t like your bullshit. Or at least we don’t like it when you think you’re fooling us but stuffing those keywords in your posts anyway. Just write like you talk please. And if you want to ask us to do something, ask already…but be sure it’s worth asking for and don’t make “asking” the only thing you post.

(5)    Prospect with intention. It’s not just about what or how you post…it’s also important to seek out your sphere’s posts and comment on them. And I’m sorry, but “thanks for sharing” doesn’t count! Facebook lists and graph search make it really easy to filter posts so you can stay top of mind with your sphere or targets.  Make it a daily FB task to “Like 3 & Comment 4”…like 3 posts you actually like…and comment on at least 4 posts you genuinely relate to and can actually add something to the conversation.

(6)    Humor and humility make just about anyone smile! You are witty. You love telling jokes. You are the king of one-liners. You are a dork and don’t care. (That’s me.) Humor and humility may have made you the class clown in the past…but now they can make you most likely to succeed! So remember to be professional…but let it roll and infuse your posts with whatever wackiness ensues. I’ll be the first to like your post and comment…and I won’t be the only one.

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